Arab Padel Federation Joins Forces with The PRO Company as Exclusive Marketing Partner for Four Years

September 2, 2023

The Arab Padel Federation (APF) is excited to announce a strategic partnership with The PRO Company, a leading marketing agency, to serve as their exclusive marketing partner for the next four years. This dynamic collaboration is set to elevate the visibility and growth of padel sports across the Arab world.
The APF, committed to promoting padel across the region and fostering unity through sports, has embarked on a mission to expand the reach and impact of this thrilling sport. By joining hands with The PRO Company, a marketing powerhouse known for its innovative and results-driven strategies, the APF aims to reach new heights in terms of engagement, promotion, and participation in the world of padel.
The partnership between the Arab Padel Federation and The PRO Company signifies a shared vision of promoting padel sports in the Arab world. Over the course of four years, The PRO Company will work closely with the APF to develop and execute comprehensive marketing and promotional campaigns, increasing awareness of padel and driving engagement within the Arab community.