Exciting Finish to Arab Padel Championship Group Stage

September 30, 2023

The first edition of the Arab Padel Championship concluded its group stage matches with a thrilling fifth and sixth round of games at the NAS Sports Complex in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

In the fifth round, Kuwait dominated Syria with a clean sweep of three games to none, while Bahrain secured a similar victory against Sudan.

The trend continued in the following match as Egypt defeated Jordan, also with a three-game clean sweep.

The host team, the United Arab Emirates, secured their spot in the semi-finals by winning two out of three matches against Morocco.

In the sixth round, Iraq faced a tough challenge and lost to Morocco with three games to none. Meanwhile, Qatar secured a similar victory against Oman, ensuring their place in the semi-finals alongside the UAE.

Egypt also earned a spot in the semi-finals after a clean sweep against Syria, winning three games to none. Kuwait, with two wins against Bahrain, joined Egypt in the semi-finals of the Arab Padel Championship.

In the upcoming matches, Morocco and Bahrain will compete to determine fifth and sixth place, while Jordan and Oman will face off to decide the seventh and eighth positions. The championship promises more exciting action in the knockout stage."