Morocco Claims Victory Over Oman in Arab Padel Championship Round 3

September 28, 2023

In the third round of matches at the inaugural Arab Padel Championship, the Moroccan national team secured a clean sweep of three matches against Oman.

Morocco's team entered their first match with the duo of Reda Al-Amrani and Maamoun Mchich Al-Alami, while Oman featured the pair of Issa Ali Al-Sulaimani and Ahmed Al-Balushi.

For the second match, Morocco was represented by Khalil Al-Talib and Fahmi Al-Alami, while Oman played with the duo of Khalid Talib Al-Nabhani and Said Beit Al-Said.

In the final match, Oman's duo of Nabia Al-Shaibani and Abdulaziz Mohammed Al-Balushi faced off against Morocco's players, Abdelmouneim Shakey and Mohammed Reda Fartat.