Bahrain Clinches Three Wins Over Syria in Arab Padel Championship Opener

September 27, 2023

Bahrain Triumphs Over Syria with Three Wins in Arab Padel Championship Opener In the opening matches of the inaugural Arab Padel Championship currently taking place in Dubai, UAE, the Bahraini national team secured victory against their Syrian counterparts, winning all three matches.

Bahrain's team entered the first match with players Ali Duwani and Hussein Duwani, while the Syrian team, featuring Hani Al-Saadi and Bilal Mohammed Tahhan, faced a tough challenge.

For the second match, the Syrian team fielded the duo of Muayyad Yahya and Sami Al-Saadi, while Bahrain's team, led by Yousif Qaid and Hassan Abdulredha, continued their strong performance.

In the third match, Syria's team, represented by Yazan Al-Qassam and Karam Al-Nimah, faced off against Bahrain's duo, Abdullah Mohammed and Hassan Al-Qattan. Despite their best efforts, Syria couldn't secure a win in any of the matches.