Qatar Dominates Iraq with Three Wins in Arab Padel Championship Opener

September 27, 2023

Qatar Secures Three Wins Against Iraq in Arab Padel Championship Opener In the opening matches of the inaugural Arab Padel Championship currently taking place in Dubai, UAE, the Qatari national team emerged victorious over the Iraqi team with a clean sweep of three games to none.

Qatar's team, represented by players Mohammed Saadoun Al-Kuwari and Mohammed Abdullah, dominated the first match, while the Iraqi team, featuring Mehdi Saleh and Amir Adnan, faced a tough challenge.

For the second match, Iraq's coach, Zaid Shaker, fielded the duo of Noor Al-Din Nizar and Mohammed Sahab, while Qatar's team, led by Khaled Saadoun Al-Kuwari and Abdullah Al-Hajji, continued their strong performance.

In the third match, coached by Ibrahim Al-Khaleeqi, Qatar's team, with Ryan Al-Jufairi and Jaber Al-Mutawa, secured another victory, while Iraq's team, represented by Abdulrahman Ali and Marwan Mufuq, fought hard but couldn't turn the tide in their favor.